Learn more about Bethel  Ji Do Kwan Taekwondo

Bethel Ji Do Kwan Taekwondo is a school for students of all ages and abilities. We offer 1 hour classes throughout the week in downtown's Bethel Fitness Gym & Studio. 

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The Do Jahn (school) is a place of learning for each student individually and as part of a group. Bethel Ji Do Kwan Taekwondo provides a place where a student can develop as a martial artist then apply the same skills to every aspect of life, school, home and work.  It's not just kicking and punching and it's more than physical and mental conditioning,  it's about character building.  Respect, hard work, tenacity, perseverance, and patience are a few skills developed through the practice of martial arts.

"Martial Arts training has instilled the discipline and focus I needed to achieve goals and has also given me the patience to work with disadvantaged middle-school children in NYC.  It has given me the ability to set goals and the perseverance to make it through any obstacles that come my way. " Master Ross"

We invite you to study martial arts with us in Bethel Connecticut: we will help you reach your maximum physical and mental potential.  Learn and grow into a stronger and healthier you!


Contact Master Ross at bethelctkd@gmail.com or (917)617-9404 to schedule a free trial class.