Our Mission at Bethel Ji Do Kwan Taekwondo

Our mission at Bethel Ji Do Kwan Taekwondo is to provide traditional Korean Martial Arts in a safe and positive environment. We are here to guide and motivate our students to help reach their maximum physical and mental potential.  Anyone can train here, there is no age limit. Men, women and children, ages 5 – 65+ and all levels are welcomed.  Our goal is to make our students the best martial artist they can be. To build character and self-esteem so they can be successful outside of the Dojang.      

In keeping the Korean tradition, our classes are well rounded and focus on the basics (stances, blocks, hand and foot strikes as well as hyungs/forms, sparring, conditioning, and self-defense. As a student advances, breaking and weapons will be introduced. 

Learning Tae Kwon Do has countless mental and physical benefits for those who train, here are some that you will gain through our program.

  1. Gain confidence and improved self-esteem by finding that you can achieve your goals by practice and perseverance
  2. Develop leadership abilities
  3. Obtain a desire to set and achieve goals
  4. Develop a "Yes, I can" attitude
  5. Focus and concentration
  6. Make friends and better social skills. Meet new people from all walks of life; the shared dedication to this art can help bond people.
  7. Find peers with mutual interest to build friendships outside of training.
  8. Develop the strength to say "NO" to unhealthy peer pressure
  9. Better mood: research has shown that regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve one's mood.
  10. Martial arts is a good way to relieve stress and frustration.
  11. Help improve sleep habits
  12. Develop better motor skills, coordination, balance, spatial awareness and posture.
  13. A total body workout/weight loss. A well rounded program concentrates on the improvement of all 5 components of fitness (muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition)
  14. Self Defense and Personal Safety: From bullying and defense against predators, to all around better sense of alertness from all dangers. They acquire skills for physical and mental self-defense
  15. Memorization Skills- the memory and retention skills students go through develop memorization. From learning basic moves to Hyungs/Patterns, and Korean terminology all build memorization.
  16. Martial Arts does not encourage aggression, rather it helps practitioners channel their energy into socially acceptable forms of competition and personal competence.
  17. All ability levels: in martial arts it doesn't matter if you have never taken a class before, or ever played a sport. Everyone engaged receives the same benefits. All levels are practiced at the same time. Although ability levels are different everyone can improve and gain confidence towards the next level.