Master Ross has been a transformative influence on our son (and now daughter). He imbues patience, resilience, strength (in mind and body), confidence, and of course educates his students in the art and skill of Tae Kwon Do - all the while showing an obvious passion for his teaching. We tried another Martial Arts dojo in town, but didn’t feel it was the right fit - Bethel TKD is definitely IT. I whole-heartedly recommend Master Ross and Bethel TKD to anyone who is thinking about this for their son, daughter, or self!
— Beth Woelflein James, March 18, 2018, Facebook BethelTKD
Master Ross is great with kids. He’s funny, attentive and also teaches kids focus and discipline. My son loves his class! As a parent I can tell you that I really like how he gives children the confidence to do better in class. He’s also extremely personable and listens. Bethel is lucky to have him.
— Michelle Anne, March 25, 2018 - Facebook BethelTKD
Master Ross does an amazing job with his students! My two boys are in his class- 11 and 8 years old. The classes are designed to meet the needs of every child he teaches. Students will learn the right way to earn a belt and not just “pay” their way to each level. If you’re looking to get your child in shape and learn some discipline then I highly recommend Bethel TKD. He also does classes for the special needs population.
— Robert M Fischetto, July 20, 2017, Facebook BethelTKD
My son has been attending Bethel JiDoKwan Taekwondo for almost a year now. Master Ross has been an excellent and attentive teacher. He not only holds a 5th Dan Black belt in JiDoKwon Taekwondo, but is also a physical education teacher. Master Ross knows his craft well and understands how to teach to children. Every time I bring my son to TKD class I know he is in good hands - he has fun as he learns discipline, respect and physical fitness.
— Emmanuel J. February 1, 2017, Google Review